George Soros: A Life In Full

Platform Books LLC, the imprint launched by Peter and Susan Osnos, will partner with Harvard Business Review Press on its next book, a major assessment of the life and work of George Soros titled George Soros: A Life In Full—Survivor, Billionaire, Speculator, Philanthropist, Philosopher, Political Activist, Nemesis of the Far Right, Global Citizen.

Rather than commission a single biographer to handle this vast range of experiences, leading experts like Sebastian Mallaby on finance, Darren Walker on philanthropy, and Orville Schell on China are taking on each aspect.

The book will be published in March 2022.

Platform’s first book, An Especially Good View: Watching History Happen, by Peter Osnos, will be out June 1. Both books are being distributed by Two Rivers/Ingram

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